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You’ve landed here so you know we are great at Google Ads (PPC)

Okay so you have arrived on our Google Ads landing page, now we just need to convert you.

As a marketing channel Google Ads has the advantage that it can instantly drive targeted traffic to specific landing pages on your website. A Google Ads campaign allows you to immediately target your customers by enabling your site to rank well for your chosen keywords in Google or Bing. With a highly targeted campaign and controlled investment, a well structured campaign can significantly increase conversions and sales.

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A strategic approach

Buildbase had been managing its paid advertising with a much larger agency but had not been getting the attention or communication on the account that they needed and consequently results were poor. Having switched to Urban Element within a month, results have turned around and have continued to improve.

In July 2018, Urban Element was instructed to manage Buildbase's Google Ads campaign, with significant results.

Sales ROI between that 1st of January 2019 to 31st of July 2020 period equated to 21:1.

Client Testimonial

"I have worked with Urban Element on 2 website builds and PPC campaigns. Well organised, professional and a good balance of discussion vs recommendation. Not a pushy agency who always think they know best and trying to get more from you. Collaborative, supportive, understated and good value, most importantly delivering a sound ROI"

- Saul Michelson, Head of Marketing at Buildbase

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The process

Google Ads marketing

Requires careful management, monitoring, competitor analysis and ongoing optimisation. Our team of Google Ads Certified Professionals will work with you to tailor your account, ensuring your campaigns are set up to target the areas of your business that you require return from. We can provide campaign set-up, keyword analysis, ad writing, optimisation, bid management, and reporting.

Baron terrain - Web design
Baron terrain - Web design

Creating successful campaigns

Requires a combination of creativity for your advertising message, an analytical approach to ensure ads are shown to the best audience at the best time, and an understanding of the user journey to direct activity to relevant, converting landing pages. We take time to fully understand your campaign aims up front, allowing us to avoid wasted spend and to create campaigns that fit seamlessly into your wider marketing activities, feeding SEO and UX improvements.

Benefits for your Google Ads accounts

Increase in conversions and lower cost per conversion.

Intelligent use of budget in high performing areas.

Campaigns that run in conjunction with natural SEO and social media campaigns.

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Further benefits

Expand impression share so that you appear more often where it matters.

More efficient use of your click budget.

Better results from PPC campaigns by helping you get the fundamentals right - effective landing pages, optimised content and clear call to actions.

Meet the campaign team

We are not a one man band but an agency with an experienced team.

Natasha Ellard

Managing Director

Personal development devotee with a big vision

Natasha Ellard

Luke Terzino

Social Media Specialist

Social media obsessed GIF enthusiast with a strong love for coffee

Luke Terzino

Dan Shelton

Visual Designer

Clash of Clans expert with a hatred of bios

Dan Shelton

Liam Smith

Digital Marketing Executive

Keyboard player and all-round digital marketer with an affinity for vinyl

Liam Smith

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