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Content Marketing that works with your SEO

Content Marketing is intrinsically linked to all of your marketing efforts. If you want to engage with your audience you need well thought out content that doesn’t just tick boxes.

But with millions of pieces of content being created and shared every day, it is increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd. Your audience, and Search Engines, are hungry for unique, fresh content, that isn’t just regurgitation of already existing content.

What is positive Content Marketing?

Content Marketing involves the creation, curation and distribution of relevant, valuable and unique content with the goal of driving profit. This content can be a combination of text, image or video.

It differs to traditional marketing practices by being non-interruptive. Whereas traditional marketing sells a product; good content marketing changes the way people act and think about a brand. This is done by creating an engaging message that educates and entertains a visitor. This adds value to their experience, beyond what is normally expected.

Good Content Marketing should fit seamlessly into your wider marketing strategies. Is your content supporting your advertising efforts? Does it fuel your Social Media activities and build your SEO authority? When we create a Content Marketing strategy it is with the goals to improve your brand reach, to attract high quality inbound links, and to ultimately turn interest into results.

Benefits of Content Marketing

  • Increased visibility in your market place
  • Builds trust, authority, and brand awareness
  • Tells your story and conveys your voice
  • Creates high-quality in-bound links
  • Generates ammunition for your other marketing activities
  • Puts timely messages in front of new and existing customers

Building your Content Marketing strategy with Urban Element

To maintain an organic sustainable growth, Content Marketing campaigns must successfully engage with people. We create audience profiles to understand the wants and needs of key demographics and develop a concept and tone of voice that will target them effectively.

Story telling
With set goals and a clear audience, we can start to build an engaging narrative through which to market a business. This is an open creative process and the resulting story will be the main pillar of the content strategy.

How, when and why the audience are receiving the message are just as important as the message itself. We identify outreach opportunities and channels to broadcast the message and ensure it is hitting the correct demographic.

Talk to us about your Content Management goals

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