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Take a deep dive into your socials with a social media audit from UE

Our social media audits delve underneath the surface of your social media presence, enabling you to zero in on the opportunities you might be missing and ensuring you get the biggest bang for your buck.

With our audits, you will better understand how social media can support your overall business goals through better and more targeted engagement with your customers.

We have recently completed successful audits for an array of clients including; Darcica Logistics, Cricket Wales, and Wonder Works.

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Can provide insights, brand guidelines, and training to a range of organisations

In-depth social media reviews for businesses

What it does

Leverage more out of your social media

Most businesses ‘do’ social media but many don’t do it well. That’s largely because they don’t take the time to understand what’s working and what’s not. Many businesses also fall into the trap of thinking that social media for business is just a case of putting posts out – it’s not.

Our social media team are experts at helping you get to grips with how to leverage more out of your social media.

The first step is usually a comprehensive audit that paints a detailed picture of where you are now and maps out what you need to do to hit those all important business goals.

What they say

Lovely people who really know their stuff. We worked with Urban Element to do a social media audit for us and then deliver training to our marketing team. They are very knowledgeable in the education sector and have really given us some valuable and actionable insights. They are also lovely to work with! We now consider them to be a key strategic partner and I recommend them wholeheartedly.

Kate Jolliffe, Pearson

Brand consistency across all platforms

A social media audit from Urban Element looks across all of your social platforms and compares them for brand consistency. From the visual look and feel to the messages contained in your bios and about sections. It’s not about creating identical profiles but ensuring that the messages are consistent yet appropriately tailored for the audience on each platform. We also look at the technical elements, such as whether your visual branding assets optimised for each social platform.

Integrated content

Our social media audit looks at how the content you share on your social media platforms integrates with your ‘owned’ marketing assets (e.g. your website, blog, brochures, etc.) When we conduct a social media audit we include an analysis of owned marketing assets. This enables you to better understand how content is being created, what content is being effectively repurposed, and what is developed specifically for social media only.

Understanding your primary audience

Taking a deep dive into your audience analytics can be very revealing. We look at each channel to see the type of people who are engaging most with your current social media. We then ask if that aligns with your target audience and if not how can the content be altered to engage better with your customer base. We use platform-specific insights as well as third party tools to really paint the whole picture of the audience you have per platform.

What they say

Working with Urban Element over the past few months has been an absolute pleasure. From the initial scoping of the project to our brand new company site going live, they made the process simple and straightforward, providing support at every step. We really appreciated their attention to detail and creative approach as well as the invaluable SEO advice and implementation.

Claire Spooner, Lloyd Worrall

Content performance

Our team will look at post specific content to determine what is working and what isn’t. We build a picture of what worked well and what didn’t and dig behind the numbers to understand why. Diving deeper into your post performance can help shape your content strategy going forward.

We also look at how posts perform with your audience on different days and at different times across all of your channels. This enables us to build a picture of the best types of content to post and when to ensure maximum engagement and positive action.

Competitor analysis

Our social media audits include a review of what your main competitors are up to on social media. We take a look at what platforms they’re on and how they perform. This helps inform whether you are using the most effective social media platforms for your customer base. Tracking this information using a combination of platform-specific analytics as well as third party tools helps paint a holistic picture of how you compare to others in your field.

What they say

I have been working with Urban Element for nearly 2 years and I am very happy with the work they have produced on SEO, keyword ranking & tracking, paid LinkedIn campaigns, social media management & written content creation, website development among other things. They bring a structured process to our activities and breakdown costs very clearly. I can definitely recommend UE to businesses who value a digital strategy. I have been particularly impressed with their breadth of knowledge and am confident in their ability to propel us towards achieving our 2020 strategy. Thanks to all the team!

Charlotte Whiteley, Oxford Plastics

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