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Web Design Oxford

Web Design Agency based in Oxfordshire

Your website will be the first chance to make a lasting impression on your clients and prospects. Having a website that looks attractive, works effectively, and provides users with a great online experience is imperative if you want to convert customers and establish brand loyalty.

As an accredited Oxford web design agency we’ve been delivering successful websites that are visually effective, hard working, and aligned with the visions of our clients for 17 years. Our web design services can help elevate your website and achieve your online goals, whilst providing a strong return on investment. Working across a range of industries and sectors, with a specific focus on large national and multinational organisations, you can rely on us to help deliver your website objectives.

"Natasha and her team created us a clean, professional website and assisted us effectively with our brand design helping us to launch our new lettings agency."

Bright Properties - www.brightproperties.co.uk

A Creative Approach

A solid design process helps you work efficiently and deliver great results time and again. That's why we've put a lot of effort into shaping our process and web design services. We've made sure you will always know exactly what's going on and get great value for money.

From our initial consultancy phase with our senior graphic designer and project manager, through to sketching, graphic design, content and build, we'll work closely with you to deliver the website your business needs to grow. Partnership is essential and with key milestones and touchpoints built in, you'll be fully informed and engaged throughout the process.

Glowing lightbulb on soil with plant growth - Web Design Oxford

Delivering Stunning WordPress CMS Websites

WordPress is considered by many as the number one content management system (CMS), due to the nature of its attractive design and high levels of functionality.

In a shifting business landscape our bespoke WordPress sites give you flexibility, a user-friendly experience, extended functionality (through Plugins) and a site that will rank high on Google.

Building a WordPress site is easier than many of its counterparts, but building a WordPress site that works well and can get found in search results is a different matter altogether. That’s why we recommend using a WordPress web design agency who knows WordPress like the back of their hand

Our WordPress development capabilities
Changing Landscapes - Web design

E-commerce or not to be E-commerce?

The first question we ask is should you have an e-commerce business? In difficult economic times there is a strong argument that all businesses that sell a product and in some cases a service, should sell online.

However, we don’t feel that is sufficient and through consultancy we will look at your customers buying behaviours, competitors, search volume and ultimately your potential to be successful in selling online.

Arguments for, include being open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and higher conversion rates as customers may be more likely to buy when they can place an order immediately. Arguments against or reasons why e-commerce sites fail, include selling the wrong products, shipping costs too high, poor images, no marketing and more often than not low Google rankings. These are all areas that we can help with and we excel in SEO, paid social media and Google Ads.

Money with in step formation showing growth - Web Design
Pile of money alongside a shoot of growth - Web design

B2B E-commerce

B2B (business to business) is more difficult to get right, as relationships take longer to build and when there is a service rather than a product it’s a different scenario. However, ever changing economic climates will continue to evolve how we do business and clients are already buying online consultancy time and other services.

You need to consider the overall user experience and give your customers a shopping experience that is easy, enjoyable and hassle free. When we deliver e-commerce and WooCommerce websites, we combine our SEO knowledge with web design best practices that make online retailing easy to manage and conducive to increasing sales.

Integrating ecommerce & WooCommerce with WordPress

"We, as a retail and tourist hotspot had to react to the current climate with a new e-commerce website. Following it's launch on Friday the 24th April we're delighted to already have received orders from around the world"

Matthew Cox, Shepherd and Woodward Group - The Varsity Shop

Front End Development

Since we started in 2003 we have believed in the importance of having an internal team of developers both front end and back end.

Front end development is the face of your website. Our development team works hand-in-hand with our design and digital team to build a website that delivers a strong user experience. From navigation and functionality to content considerations, our developers will ensure your website generates business and gives visitors an experience which will only leave positive connotations for your brand.

From custom WordPress CMS sites to bespoke development our team follow all industry standards. We're committed to developing websites and applications that are search engine friendly, accessible, easy to update, fully responsive and quick to load.

Think of our developers as farmers readying the fields so that the crops can grow and the harvest can be bountiful.

Farmer attending to his field in tractor - Web design

Back End Development and System Integration

Having a back-end development resource is also important when integrating with our client’s internal and external systems. From databases and CRMs to Stock Control and Booking Systems our team are happy to support.

Back-end development is more often than not the hidden part or least interesting part of web development (apologies to all techies and coders). It involves a server, an application and a database. Our back-end developers will write code that communicates the database information to the browser (a graphical user interface for displaying HTML files).

Underlying roots of a tree - Web design

Your website is built, SEO is kicking in and you are starting to get some leads and or sales. But what comes next? Let’s dig a little further.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Websites evolve over time especially with clients managing their own content, adding services and products through their Content Management System. Additionally no website is ever 100% perfect so it’s vital that you don’t let your visitors slip through the cracks.

Our approach to conversion rate optimisation involves making website improvements based on real usage data. Through A/B testing, heat mapping, and tracking user behaviour, we are able to gather insightful data that allows us to optimise your website that aligns with your goals and provides greater return on investment.

How will CRO benefit my website?
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Support and Performance

Our web design services go beyond just builds. We know that your website will only be a useful tool to your business if it’s up to date, works properly, and designed with your business goals in mind.

Our team includes a Business Administrator and Project Manager who can deal with first line support, problem-solving, digital projects and small works.

Our proactive approach means that we can offer support packages for new and existing clients that gives you the peace of mind knowing your website is being properly taken care of.

I’d like to know more about support and performance
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"I can definitely recommend UE to businesses who value a digital strategy. I have been particularly impressed with their breadth of knowledge and am confident in their ability to propel us towards achieving our 2020 strategy. Thanks to all the team!"

Oxford Plastics - www.oxfordplastics.com

Site Sanity Check

If you’re not sure you need a new website or are ready for an e-commerce site we’re offering a Site Sanity Check that provides you with an overview of what is hindering or not hindering your current website.

It wouldn’t be the first time that a client has come to us and said, "my website is the problem and I need a new one", when really they just need SEO or some incremental improvements.

In this package we offer website analysis,mobile and page speed optimisation recommendations, as well as informing you what keywords you're already ranking for. For a small package the value is truly massive.

My site needs a sanity check
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Website Insights

Improving your website knowledge doesn’t have to wait! If you fancy learning something new and uncover the latest news and trends across the world of Web, Social Media, Digital Marketing and Brand then our insights section has something for everyone.

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