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Achieve your B2B marketing goals with LinkedIn Paid Ads

Having been in the Digital Marketing industry for almost 5 years now, I am still astonished by the amount of business owners that have yet to dip their toes in the world of Online Paid Advertisement, to be specific, Paid Social Media Advertisement. With the great majority of business owners only trusting their tried and tested traditional marketing methods, I almost feel as if it is my duty as a Social Media Specialist to spread the word that there is a much more effective way to spend your advertising budget.

Now don't get me wrong, there is still a place for traditional marketing, especially if you're a fairly new business looking to attract a local audience, however, it is still often costly, slow and fundamentally lacking in strategy. On the flip side Social Media Advertisement offers you full control, allowing you to target niche audiences whilst being able to dynamically adapt your creatives, messaging and budget depending on campaign performance. This level of control is sadly not attainable with traditional marketing methods.


So now that I have your attention, you may be wondering what the options are out there for Online Ads? The short answer is, there are a lot of options from Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and Twitter Ads to name a few. However, during this article, I want to bring your specific attention to LinkedIn Paid Advertisement for the reasons I've outlined below.

Why LinkedIn Paid Ads?

Now, unlike the majority of Social Media sites out there, LinkedIn has many unique B2B niches that makes their advertising platform far more desirable for many businesses looking to effectively advertise their products or services. Firstly, I always believe it is important to understand a platforms audience before advertising on it, so let me throw some pretty awesome figures at you. As it currently stands, LinkedIn has a user base of over 500 million, this is comprised of decision makers, senior-level influencers and members of the C-suite. It's quite literally a platform that any company owner shouldn't ignore, especially if you're in the business to business sector.

Target Your Ideal Audience

Online Advertisement targeting is a fantastic tool offered by all of the leading Social Media Giants including, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. However, with these platforms, the information available to advertisers, especially those with a B2B agenda tends to be rather diluted. In short, this doesn't mean they are not great platforms to use, they are in fact incredibly effective. However, what this does mean is that finding the perfect target audience will require much more refinement due to the more demographically focused user data available.

So, how does LinkedIn differ? Well in quite a few ways to be honest with you, however, those who have used Facebook and Twitter Ads will be familiar with the demographic and interest based targeting options. Where things get interesting though is when you start to look at ways you can target ultra niche B2B audiences using LinkedIn's unique audience targeting tools.


Got a product or service that needs to be promoted in a specific location? To individuals with a specific job title? To individuals who follow certain groups or work for specific companies? Not a problem, in fact, LinkedIn's quite frankly incredible level of targeting allows you to narrow your audience right down to the people that truly matter most for your campaign. As a result, making your advertisement budget work incredibly hard for you, something of which is unheard of with average traditional marketing methods.

Make every penny count

As briefly mentioned above, like many of the Paid Advertising Platforms out there, having full control over your targeting, messaging, creatives and budget has to be, in my mind, one of the BIGGEST reasons to make the leap into the digital era. You see, traditional marketing cannot guarantee results, which is why I struggle to get my head around why so many people swear by it.


However, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn provide each of their advertisers with an incredibly useful results forecast that adapts every time you tweak the campaign before launch. This unique insight really helps provide a rough idea of the results you would get for the budget you have, allowing users to fully manage their expectations.

Are LinkedIn Ads worth the initial investment?

It is worth mentioning that every time I bring up Paid LinkedIn Advertisement with my fellow marketeers, the first topic that usually crops up is how expensive the CPC (Cost Per Click) is, especially when advertising to particular audiences. Now there is some truth in this. LinkedIn isn't by any means the cheapest platform to advertise on, in fact, each campaign will likely have what they call pricing minimums - this basically means that you may have to start with a £3-£8 CPC in order to launch your campaign and compete with the online advertisers.




However, I do urge you not to let this put you off, I, too, was originally apprehensive until I started to see results and understood it was completely normal. You see, unlike many of the bidding platforms, LinkedIn focuses on allowing the marketer to create an incredibly unique audience, this in turn, requires the algorithm to work a lot harder and bid far more competitively in order to successfully deliver your paid ads to the most relevant people.

Create, advertise, refine and repeat

Like anything in life, there's a strong likelihood that your first Paid Social Media Campaign may not bring in the exact numbers or results you were initially hoping for, and that is absolutely fine.

Why? Because your very first expectations will more than likely have nothing to base themselves off, secondly, like anything you do more than once, you'll begin to identify areas to improve. All in all, Online Paid Advertisement is, for each and every unique business, a discovery process. With each campaign you launch and complete comes with it a wealth of knowledge that you will be able to utilise the next time around. What's great about this methodology is that eventually you will have multiple refined campaigns, all of which you will be able to switch on and off as and when your business requires.

If you found this article insightful, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments down below. I would love to hear your thoughts on LinkedIn's Paid Advertising Platform. If you would like to read another one of my articles, why not check out my previous post titled, 'You're Most Likely Using Dark Social Without Even Realising It'.


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