Leveraging the Latest Video Marketing Trends in 2023

Embrace the Power of Video: Leveraging the Latest Video Marketing Trends for Maximum Impact in 2023

27/02/2023 | Social Media | 4 minutes

From TikTok to Instagram Reels, YouTube and even Facebook, video is the content King of the 2020s, and it’s only getting bigger. The percentage of global internet users watching videos each week is a staggering 92.7%. Now that short-form, scrollable video content is the dominant format, every video has the potential to pass the eye of your desired consumer.

While it used to be that some social media users preferred YouTube for videos and other platforms for other content types, the biggest trend of the moment is that video is in demand everywhere. Users still like their longer video content over on YouTube, but they equally want short-form doses of entertainment and education as they ride the bus or relax after work.

For businesses, of course, there’s a little more to it than recording a product demo or joining the latest dance challenge craze. Let’s explore video from the content marketing perspective.

What Is Video Marketing?

At its most basic, video marketing is anything using video to promote or market a product, service, campaign or idea. While the growth of video content has been most noticeable on social media, it brings big benefits to all online channels. 

Video can be used as part of an email campaign, on your website, as tutorials on how to use a product and also as video reviews. Wherever you can embed or post – e.g. everywhere you have your brand presence online – you can utilise video. 

What Are The Benefits of Video Marketing?

Video is the most effective form of communication online. It can explain complex concepts more quickly and easily than text or images alone. What’s more, it captures attention. When reading text, viewers retain only 10% of what is written. Watching a video, on the other hand, viewers absorb 95% of the message.

If a viewer sees your video, whether they want to buy or not, they are taking in your brand and your message. The more they see, the greater results you get from brand recognition and reputation-building efforts.

It’s proven that videos drive more engagement, attention and sales. Get it right, and you can go viral as video is a hyper-sharable format, unlike text and far more than images used to be.

Videos on social media

If you want to boost engagement, consider that video gets you, on average, two times more engagement than text and images. Video Tweets get 10x more engagement. On every platform, video massively increases the potential reach of a post. Even in brand promotion, users will still share videos if they connect with them emotionally. Remember that no one would have previously shared a static ad.

Video for SEO

SEO remains a critical piece of the marketing puzzle, and video gives it the supercharge to go even further. Web pages with videos rank higher than text-based pages on Google. This is because video is more engaging. The longer people spend on your page, the higher it is ranked by the algorithms. Video content converts directly into higher page rankings, which leads to more site visitors, more click-throughs and more sales.

Video on email campaigns

Email campaigns are still one of the best-converting marketing channels, and adding video in there boosts those click-through-rate results by 96%.

No matter where you market your brand, video is essential. Whether it’s video teaser campaigns, influencer partnerships, video ads, video reactions, and more, video gives you more attention and better returns.

What They Say

We recently worked with Alliance Transport Technologies to produce a short video for their website and social media. Kirsten had this to say about our service:

“Urban Element has been our SEO and Digital Marketing provider for over two years now. Thanks to their video work, we now have a company video, a short clip on our homepage, and more importantly video clips within our social media. Our recent AdBlue Pump before and after video post had plenty of engagement and almost 400 views to date. We will be using video more and more in the months to come.”

To power up your marketing strategy with videos that convert, contact the team at Urban Element. We are an ROI-focused video marketing agency with cross-platform digital expertise to design campaigns that convert.

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