Grafton Group PLC - A Partnership That Continues to Flourish

Grafton Group PLC A Partnership That Continues to Flourish

27/10/2020 | Web Design | 5 minutes

The relationship between ourselves and Grafton Group PLC began by somewhat of a coincidence.

Having already developed a successful e-commerce site (which generated £50,000 in monthly online sales), for Beaumont Forest back in 2011, the company was then acquired by Grafton Group PLC in June 2014.

After this acquisition had taken place, Saul Michelson, Head of Marketing at Buildbase, met with myself at our office in Witney, Oxfordshire. Fortunately
for us, he gave us an opportunity to earn the right as an on-going digital marketing supplier.

We knew we were going to have to work extremely hard to prove ourselves, and luckily we were tasked with various projects where we could really shine and
demonstrate our worth.

For the next ventures, Grafton wanted Urban Element to deliver fully functioning websites for both Civils and Lintels, and then later, Lloyd Worrall.
It was important that these websites appealed to their target demographic and ultimately generated more and better quality traffic than previously.
In other words, built with SEO in mind.

Following these successful website launches, Urban Element was also given the go-ahead to manage Buildbase’s Google Ads campaign.

Building sites designed for business growth

So how did we fare?

In regards to Civils and Lintels, as of 31st July 2020, the website was ranking for 30 keywords in the top 3, and 37 in the top 10 of the SERPs. Impressively,
over two years website visibility grew by 13.81% and average keyword positions improved by an impressive 24.11. Civils and Lintels are soaring much
higher in terms of website visibility than ever before, triumphing over three of their largest competitors

Lloyd Worrall went live on 10th August 2020, and results have been instantaneous. Within the first month of launch, Lloyd Worral saw a 22.79% increase in page views, a 10.10% increase in pages per session, a 7.08% reduction in bounce rate, and a 61.48% increase in average session duration compared to the previous month.

Furthermore, keyword visibility grew by 4.91% and the average position for tracked keywords increased by a notable 31.31%, with four number one positions for relevant terms.

PPC campaigns that prosper

Having previously been with a larger agency, Buildbase were not satisfied with their Google Ads campaign. There was a lack of communication with the account, and ultimately they weren’t seeing the results they would have hoped for.

When Urban Element took over the campaign, results immediately took a positive turn and to this day have continued to flourish.

Between 1st of January 2019 to 31st of July 2020 we managed to achieve a sales ROI of 21% – meaning for every pound spent Buildbase received £21 back.

We can safely say we’ve come a long way together. Through collaboration and continuously striving to achieve better results, we have helped ensure their Ad spend was used wisely in a manner that secured the best conversion rates.

‘I have worked with Urban Element on 2 website builds and PPC campaigns. Well organised, professional and a good balance of discussion vs recommendation. Not a pushy agency who always think they know best and trying to get more from you. Collaborative, supportive, understated and good value, most importantly delivering a sound ROI’

– Saul Michelson, Head of Marketing at Buildbase.

If you’re interested in the full case study you can read it below.

Grafton Group PLC Case Study

As a relatively small agency (with big ambitions, I may add), we are proud of how the partnership has developed with Grafton Group PLC. What started out as working with just one division has now turned into working with five, and we certainly can’t wait to see where the relationship takes us in the

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