How to Set Effective Goals for Your Website

07/12/2020 | Digital Marketing | 2 minutes

Planning a new website design but unsure what it is you really want it to achieve? Setting SMART goals can help to make sure your new website is a success. Our aim is to make sure all our clients get a good return on investment from their sites.

We’ve noticed that some clients find it difficult to outline what it is they need their website to do in order for them to consider it a success. It’s not the easiest thing to do but goal setting makes you accountable and can motivate you to achieve them.

What are SMART website goals?

Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely

If you’re finding it difficult to think of SMART goals it can help to work backwards. If you think of big picture goals that you want the website to be achieving further down the line, you can whittle it down to smaller more specific goals.

Having clearly defined goals at the start of your web design project gives us something to return to throughout the project. They give us something to continually work towards and build a site that is specifically created to achieve your goal.

There are some things you can think about to make goal setting easier and more effective. Considering your website’s current performance and what it’s not doing can help you come up with some ideas what the new site should do. Your website is an integral part of your marketing activity and if done right can increase your visibility, enquiries and sales.

Setting ongoing goals

Part of our web design process at Urban Element is to have a review 4 months after your site goes live. At this point we can take a look at how your website has performed during the initial stages and create some smarter goals for ongoing activities.

To continually drive your website’s success we can help you set targeted goals to help with your overall digital plans. Using various means of digital marketing we can support you in building your brand, becoming an authority and increasing your revenue.

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