Some of the Dos and Don'ts of Social Media Marketing

After spending almost three and a half years within the Digital Marketing industry, I can safely say that I've seen a lot of things done right and a lot of things done wrong. This is especially true on Social Media which is why I've decided to hijack our Content Specialist's job for a few hours (shhhh... don't tell anyone).

With users spending an average of two hours per day on Social Media, most brands heavily utilise online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in order to help enhance their marketing strategies and online presence.

With there being an estimated 42 million users on Social Media here in the UK alone, many of those are doing things right and wrong and it's probably no surprise to hear that businesses also do some things well and not so well. To help clear things up a little I've decided to share three easily actionable Do's and Don'ts when marketing your business on Social Media.


DO: Make the effort to setup your social media profiles correctly, you wouldn't believe the amount of businesses I've seen with half finished bios and pixelated profile pictures. Most social media platforms consist of a few basic setup musts, these include a: Profile Image ✓ Profile Banner ✓ Profile Biography ✓ and external linking e.g to a website ✓.

DON'T: Have you ever heard of the phrase 'Jack of all trades master of none'? If so you'll most likely know where I'm going with this one. Many businesses that leap into the world of Social Media do so blindly without doing the necessary research before-hand. Instead of trying out every available platform and wasting precious time it's important to research your industry thoroughly first. This will allow you to spot social patterns that will identify the right platforms for your business.

DO: Be a part of the community, I know this sounds like an obvious and slightly cliche thing to say, however many businesses still fail to get this right. Posting articles, events and products to your followers every now and again is absolutely fine however many simply stop there. In order to connect with your audience on a more personal level, two way communication is vital. Respond to comments and engage with your customers far and wide, heck why not talk to your peers too, if they respond you could attract some of their followers. The most important thing to remember here is to be genuine.

DON'T: Buy followers, like literally ever! Think about it, would you buy a friend that never wants to hang out with you or even talk to you...I'd hope not. Bought Social Media followers are notoriously dodgy and completely useless... they're also easy to spot too and strictly against the terms of conditions to all social media platforms.

DO: Have goals and a plan of what you want to achieve on Social Media. A great way to improve your Social Media strategy is to work out what you want from it in advance and to plan it out over a time period e.g 6 months. With a plan in place you'll be able to monitor your Social Media tasks, metrics and events effortlessly ensuring that you're taking steps forwards and not back.

DON'T: Give in to all of the social norms many businesses abide by today on Social Media. Now before we go any further here I'm not saying you need to post edgy memes and GIFS on a daily basis to be different, I'm simply saying be your business. If your aim on Social Media is to blend in with the crowd you're not going to get very far. Those that think outside the box and offer a unique voice and perspective are likely to be heard over everyone else.

Unfortunately with time existing and all, I am unable to write more Do's and Don'ts within this very blog post. However, if you would like to share your personal recommendations, please do get in touch. Lastly if you would like to see more of my Do's and Don'ts (trust me, I have many) feel free to let us know via Twitter using the handle @UrbanElementWeb or @UELukeT.


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