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The Importance of Blogging for SEO

20/09/2021 | Digital Marketing | 3 minutes

The blog feature on a website can be one of the most overlooked and underestimated pages in terms of SEO. Utilising the blog section on a website and updating it with content offers the opportunity for a greater SEO impact, higher rankings for search terms on search engines, and more authority and visibility.

Why is blogging so important for SEO?

Staying Relevant

Have you ever stumbled upon a website to find that its content is severely out of date? You lose interest and trust instantly. As well as the reader, search engines also love an up to date website. The best, easiest and cheapest way to keep your website up to date and current is to blog. Make sure you are jumping on the latest trends in your industry and sharing up to date company news and information. Building trust with your readers and improving search engine rankings, name a better combination? 


It is as easy to create blogs as it is to create links! Linking within blogs allows for relationships to be built with other businesses as well as sending readers to pages of your site that relate to the blog topic. Linking to internal pages can increase the average session duration, pages per session, and page views on your website. A Google Analytics gold mine! Adding links within blogs to external relevant, reputable websites creates the opportunity for traffic and growth. The organisations that are linked then have the opportunity to provide a link back to your website, helping generate even more web traffic. 

Keyword Optimisation

The world of SEO is extremely saturated with terms, but one of the ways to ensure you are doing the optimal SEO work for your website is through SEO keyword optimisation. In particular, long-tail keywords. 

We all want to rank first for what we sell, but in most instances, that is not the case. Instead, many companies want to rank for long-tail keywords that they can incorporate into their blogs. 

For instance, blog titles such as ‘The best face masks for dry skin’ and ‘Top ten tips for the best eyelash growth’ are perfect for a company that sells skincare products. Why? These titles enable the company the opportunity to appear in search terms that may have a lower volume and be discovered by those who may not be aware of their presence. As well as giving them the chance to include internal links and backlinks. 

Urban Element Blog Optimisation Top Tips

Our digital marketing team works internationally and with our clients to deliver results driven SEO services. We always express the importance of blog SEO optimisation to our clients and offer the service as part of our digital marketing packages. 

We have put together a few of our top tips for optimising your blogs for SEO! 

A trend we have seen internally is that business owners haven’t always seen the significance of blogging and content marketing. After working with our clients and educating them on the relationship between blogging and lead generation, mindsets begin to change and higher google rankings and more enquires/e-commerce sales begin to happen.

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