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Urban Element’s 2022 Marketing Round Up

03/01/2023 | Company | 4 minutes

It’s the season of Spotify Wrapped and Yearly Recaps of how we spent our year on social media so we’ve come bearing gifts! 

We all love marketing campaigns and we did showcase our favourites monthly and some really made us laugh this year but which did we enjoy the most? Grab a cuppa or a glass of champagne and let’s toast to 2022, the year of 

Getting Turned Down by Thursday

Valentine’s day gave us the chance to help our single team members and we knew Thursday was trending so in true UE style, we put together a graphic asking Thursday to help us find a date for them. 

They replied but not in the way we hoped! They turned us down, only because Valentines wasn’t on a Thursday but the attention it gained gave us hope for our singletons!

ALDI’s Social Media Team

We all saw the Colin and Cuthbert debacle in 2021 and ALDI’s social team are still on top form with their social media. Tapping into trends, being present on all platforms and stepping into the spotlight has paid off.

It just shows, when you know your audience and create a brand persona, it gets you far in social media and ALDI have done just that.

The Tinder Swindler

In February, Tinder Swindler took the world by storm and social media began to push memes out nearly every minute of the day. Becoming an overnight sensation, the film showed how not everyone is who they say they are while bringing to light the severity that lying has.

However, the internet is the internet and as we say “it’s a goldmine” that brought us some of the funniest memes of the year.

And finally, our favourite memes we’ve made this year!

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