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Why Should You Hire an Agency for Your Digital Marketing?

10/04/2019 | Web Design | 10 minutes

Digital marketing hasn’t always been a key element of strategy for businesses, but with new social networks cropping up daily and over half the world’s population using at least one social channel, it’s becoming more and more relevant. Of course, this isn’t news to anyone – if you’ve got to 2019 and avoiding hearing about the importance of digital, congratulations! You must be in the half of people that don’t use it…

To paraphrase Ferris Bueller, “The world [of digital marketing] moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you might miss it.” Only in this scenario, what you’re missing is new clients, increased revenue and greater exposure. How many social networks can you name off the top of your head? The reality may surprise you. At the end of 2018, social scheduling site Buffer released a list of 21 sites that could be great for your brand (it’s the 21 best, so by no means a comprehensive list). Of course, no one expects you to be on them all – but there’s definitely an analogy here about not being able to win business if you don’t show up…

The world doesn’t revolve around social media, and neither does digital marketing. There are many more elements to consider – from utilising your website as a sales tool, to SEO, to email. And each element changes just as fast. Web design trends and best practice change regularly and getting on the first page of Google is no longer as easy as writing your key word again and again and again… It’s about consistently delivering value with relevant content (and a few more ingredients, too). And now there’s also GDPR to contend with when it comes to email and your website.

Competition is fierce online. Once upon a time you may have been competing with businesses within a 5-mile radius. Now, the market is global. Your entire online presence is the shop window for your products and services, how do you ensure it stands out?

To be successful, you need to take the same approach as department stores with their Christmas windows. And that requires experts. Of course, you can hire experts in-house. But it’s usually expensive to get just one and digital marketing is not a one-man-job. This is where agencies come in.

A Whole Team of Experts

Agencies are usually formed of a team of individuals – different levels of experience, areas of expertise and made up to ensure everyone’s skills are best used. So highly-skilled staff aren’t being used for digital marketing admin and junior members of staff aren’t leading on your all-important strategy.

The team is designed to deliver the best value to your business, it doesn’t leave everything up to one person but instead utilises a range of skill-sets and experience levels.

Updating Your Status

Just like your iPhone needs regular updates to perform at optimum, so does your digital marketing strategy. Things change quickly and it can be hard to keep up. Agencies will be on the pulse of new trends, regularly updating training, attending events and staying on top of industry news.

Agencies tend to be completely immersed in the world of which they work, unlike an in-house employee, who also needs to contend with internal demands, whether it’s their turn to empty the office dishwasher or completing health and safety training. Yes, agency staff may need to do this too – but not on the time that you’re paying for.

Faster Results

A team of individuals that know what they are doing means you get faster results. Two heads are better than one, and a team is better than one employee when it comes to digital marketing. Agencies can deliver your website and social strategy quicker than a single in-house employee could.

It’s Cheaper!

You’re going to have to pay someone to do your digital marketing. If their in-house, you don’t get the above benefits but you’re also paying for holiday, pension, onboarding, sickness and everything else that comes with a full-time employee. Why would you do that when you can pay an agency a monthly fee with no other costs?

So What?

You know you need digital marketing in your business. And not just a half-hearted attempt at it, it needs to be good. A strong online presence can help you to increase exposure, drive sales and increase revenue. It sets you apart from competitors.

Urban Element has a wealth of experience working in partnership with a range of businesses on their digital strategies. We work across a range of sectors, spending time with your teams to understand your goals, desired outcomes and vision. Ready to step up your digital marketing? Email us today to find out about partnerships.

Not quite ready? We also hold regular digital marketing events designed to help you upskill your team. It’s not the same as working with us directly, but it is a step in the right direction.

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