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Building a new brand in a highly competitive sector

Elliot James Consulting Ltd connects great firms with outstanding people. As a boutique recruitment agency, specialising in the high-stakes financial sector, EJC depends on online visibility to reach more highly skilled candidates and build brand recognition with prospective and existing financial services clients.

Building a new brand

Elliot James Consulting had previously thrived off the back of their quality service offering, but their website was tired; they had low traffic and zero leads or enquiries coming in. They needed a brand refresh to more effectively communicate the ethics of their organisation, which truly set them apart from their competitors.


To attract quality candidates and new clients by increasing relevant traffic by 25% within nine months, as well as increasing Google visibility by 30% in 12 months in a highly competitive market place.

Conveying the digital message

Elliot James Consulting is a client-driven, specialist hedge fund and buy-side recruitment agency that already had a strong reputation and were proven to be discreet and confidential.

While EJC promised a client-driven, partnership style solution to their clients — with ethics at their core –, their website simply did not convey this message, and their USP was not getting out to the market.

We needed to take their highly personal, ethical service and translate it in a digital environment.

Embarking on a rebrand

Recruitment is a competitive industry where standing out online is tough. We needed to adopt a highly consultative process and collaborative effort to get the brand message out that would both meet the vision of Elliot James Consulting, while also getting the cut-through we needed online to generate the leads.

This involved an iterative process, where we submitted initial mockups that didn’t quite hit the mark, and we went back to the drawing board to ensure the message was just right. Once we had hit the nail on the head with the second mockups, we were set to commence keyword research and SEO site mapping, developing a new website using a WordPress platform.

Boosting ROI in a competitive space

EJC not only needed a great website developed, but in the competitive recruitment space, they also required Google Rankings, Traffic and Lead Conversations.

Understanding the value of a holistic solution, where their site optimisation could positively influence their digital performance, EJC wanted the expertise of Urban Element, to deliver all of this under one roof, with guaranteed ROI.

Understanding their goals, we implemented solutions to increase their SERP rankings, capture leads and improve opportunities for conversation.

Partners for the long-term

With a highly optimised and competitive website, new brand and a CMS that is designed to deliver results, Elliot James Consulting has already started to see shifts toward their desired results and has entered into a long-term partnership with Urban Element to continue this process.

With more candidates and clients reaching their site, EJC can spend more time doing what they do best; delivering discrete, high-quality recruitment services to the financial sector.

It is early days with regards site performance and ROI, so we will be back in 4 months with an update to this case study.

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