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Disentangling a reputable brand from its safe parent company

Through applied learning, Ignite Training helps to evolve teaching and coaching practices. They provide adult education and sports apprenticeships, equipping learners for post-qualification professions. 

Over 20+ years, Ignite Training has established itself as an industry expert in adult training and apprenticeships. Their reputation in the market is exceptional, but their presence online has been limited. 

Part of Ignite Sport UK Limited, Ignite Training had been advertised and promoted under Ignite Sport’s primary site. While sufficient for a time, Ignite Training’s lack of web presence held the brand back from wider recognition and growth.

Building on a broader relationship

Ignite Sport UK Limited has been a client of Urban Element for a few years now. Proudly, we have supported them with SEO, search marketing and other online initiatives to help support their growth. Considering the limited reach of Ignite Training and Urban Element’s track record of building visibility online, Ignite HQ sought us out to help.


Disentangling a reputable brand from its safe parent company to thrive online on its own

Solid brand starting from scratch

With Ignite Training’s online brand sitting on Ignite Sport’s website, we were left with only one option to make it stand out. We had to start from scratch. Not only did they need a website, but they also needed an independent brand that would differentiate the business, drive traffic, and increase enquires. 

Starting at the beginning, we sat down to determine the goals.

Ignite Training’s main aim was to encourage enquiries from both the corporate sector and schools seeking apprentices in sport. To achieve this, they understood that they needed to expand their brand awareness across the country. 

Ignite Site Pages

Batting down the barriers

The biggest challenge for our team was having no content to repurpose and put toward the new site. Despite technically having a brand and having the customers to show for it, everything had to be built from the ground up. 

  • All content had to be written from scratch. 
  • There was no existing domain authority – SEO had to be built from scratch.  
  • Online traffic to Ignite Sport and Ignite Training were intertwined – audience personas and attraction strategies had to be built from scratch. 

Goals and challenges set out, the team at Urban Element got to work developing a strategy, site map, keyword research, branding – logos, visuals, etc. – and finally, strong UX, website design, development and SEO. 

Disentangling Ignite Training from Ignite Sport, we were able to deliver a standalone brand with its own look and feel that reflected Ignite Training’s unique company values and ambitions. The new WordPress website mirrors the maturity of the business, enabling it to hold its own against competitors, showing the decades of success the company has had without even having a dedicated site. 

We designed and introduced a new logo to capture their energy and industry along with the website. Once launched, we have continued to monitor the site for ongoing optimisation and technical SEO to help their rankings climb further.

Ignite training success story 5

Strong scores just out of the starting line

While it takes time to build traffic soon after a site launch, the results so far have been strong. Feedback from Ignite Training and other site users has been outstanding. Both Ignite Sport and Ignite Training continue to work with us for ongoing technical SEO optimisation. 

Looking at short-term statistics, from the 22nd of November 2021 to May 2022, the new site, brand and SEO have achieved:

  • 3.5k users – an increase of 2,892%
  • 4.6k sessions – an increase of 1,739.8%
  • 1,538 users from Organic Search.
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