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LCMB Building Performance Ltd makes buildings work harder. For more than a decade they have worked on consultation and hands-on project management to identify and implement building solutions that improve staff wellbeing, performance, and productivity while reducing costs such as energy consumption and carbon emissions.  

Although already reputable within the building performance sector, LCMB Building Performance Ltd has its sights set on becoming the UK’s leading performance consultancy. They engaged with Urban Element to help them get there.

Coming to the Table With Clarity

While we do love a challenge, it is always a delight to engage with clients who have clear goals and expectations and open minds on how to get there. From the first meeting with LCMB Building Performance Ltd, we were armed with our task, and all we had to do was figure out how to get there. 

LCMB needed more exposure to get them new business. They had a relatively small social media following, many of their conversions were coming through existing relationships, and they weren’t sure where to focus their marketing efforts. 

Their goals were clear, though. LCMB wanted growth. They were reaching for a 10-25% increase in newsletter signups, PDF/brochure downloads, webinar signups, and contact enquiries.


Create an LCMB community that engages with and supports services, marketing and collateral.

Getting Through the Gatekeepers

As specialists in building performance, we wanted to position LCMB as an insightful online resource for navigating building performance during the pandemic. During a period while these platforms are working to minimise misinformation on exactly this topic, there were a few challenges involved in getting social media advertising approved.

To ensure we met with advertising guidelines and appropriately represented LCMB, we worked hard to build strong ad messaging, a strong persona and keyword pools to obtain, firstly, clicks, and secondly, conversions.

For our Google ads campaign, we looked at more targeted ad groups which helped to improve keyword ad scores, heighten ad visibility and improve audience accuracy. A day or two after implementation, we started to see a frequent flow of conversions. 

Steps To a Successful Ad Campaign

Despite the impressive clarity of LCMB’s goals, we still took them through our standard digital marketing questionnaire to make sure that every stone is turned, and every angle considered. From there, we conduct in-depth research into their sector, competitors, and buyers to inform the strategy and form the campaign. 

Once our recommendations were submitted and approved, including the budget, target audience size and content/messaging, we deployed our experienced graphic designer to create the ad graphics. We set up benchmarking and tracking for both the LinkedIn and Google Ads campaigns and reporting so that we could easily monitor and report back to LCMB on progress.

Smashing Success Over Two Campaigns

While the campaign is ongoing, we are beyond proud of its progress. The goal for LCMB was to generate leads through social media advertising and Google ads support.

So far we have seen over 850,000 impressions and 2,660 landing page clicks. Social engagements are up. Nine leads have been converted off the back of these efforts at an average cost of £157.

CPC costs have reduced and clicks and impressions have increased beyond our January benchmark. 

With a strong start, we are certain of continued social and digital success for LCMB over a second campaign! 

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+ 850,000 Impressions
+ 2,660 Landing page clicks
+ Increased Social engagement
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