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Optimising, refreshing and growing Shurtape's subsidiary brands through creative and innovative Social Media Marketing

Shurtape® is the UK’s trusted supplier of HVAC tape, heavy-duty duct tape, packaging tape and more. Since 1955, they have designed, developed and crafted tape to one simple yet market-leading, pressure-sensitive standard.

The Shurtape® range spans a portfolio of subsidiary brands: FrogTape, Duck Tape, T-REX® Tape, and Kip® Tape. All are used for a variety of applications across a broad range of industries, making targeted marketing difficult. Their social media strategy reflected this challenge.

Urban Element was commissioned to help optimise, refresh, manage and ultimately grow Shurtape’s subsidiary brands via our strategic social media marketing efforts.

Bringing direction back to social strategy

With a diverse range of brands, applications and customers, Shurtape’s social media strategy had lost its direction. There were:

> Inconsistent social account branding and growth strategies

> Multiple duplicate social media accounts (some active, some not)

> Engagement and follower growth had gone nearly static

This needed instant attention.

First, we set about consolidating all of the social media accounts and assets currently in use. With a lay of the land, we could identify the best strategy for each subsidiary. All the while considering how efforts on one account would influence and impact the others.


Building engagement based on ROI-focused goals

Carefully curated, consistent social media content

In the early stages of our work with Shurtape®, we identified a lack of content and post variation. Each platform needed more creative energy and vibrancy from both a visual and content perspective. Our focus had to be on ROI, not just attractive posts.

What we presented was a strategic social strategy commercially focused on helping them achieve their yearly turnover goal of £12 million. This would be achieved through:

  • Carefully curated, consistent social media content
  • Building and strengthening online communities
  • Building collaborative digital partnerships.

These efforts will focus on appealing to experienced and non-experienced DIY-focused consumers, as well as National Builders’ Merchants and DIY Retailers.

With growth goals in mind, we developed a content strategy with carefully curated social posts that would go out consistently across the various social accounts. Content for each would be relevant to that audience without missing opportunities where cross-promotion is possible.

Urban Element’s social team have not only crafted this strategy, but they are also responsible for its ongoing delivery, review and optimisation. The team iterates as and when appropriate to ensure that content always remains relevant and responsive to the needs of Shurtape’s target audiences.

Building and strengthening online communities

Online communities can offer huge reach to brands. Once a thriving social account is operational, the next step is to help build and strengthen those online communities for each subsidiary brand.

Urban Element introduced a strategy and team to encourage, embrace and leverage community-generated content through reactive social and micro-influencer outreach.


Building collaborative digital partnerships

With the successful delivery of the content and community building, our next focus was to help spark and build collaborative digital partnerships with the likes of established suppliers (B&Q, Wickes, etc.) to help them mutually leverage social media cross-pollination.

Now implemented and in motion, the goal for our team over the next 12 months is to increase Shurtape’s social followings, build and cultivate their partnerships and grow engagement advocacy to help position Shurtape subsidiaries as an authority and trusted tape supplier of choice. All the while maintaining our commercial focus to have Shurtape’s social media marketing efforts playing a pivotal role in achieving their annual turnover goal of £12 million this financial year.

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