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Build trust and recognition in your brand with professional branding design

A strong brand is key for businesses of any size. A well-developed and consistently used brand will make your business more recognisable. It will also help to build trust with your customers.

Your brand should be reflective of the personality of your business. This helps to differentiate you from your competitors. A well-designed brand will also allow your business to connect emotionally with your customers. This can promote repeat custom and drive referrals.

Branding Design

A full-service brand agency near oxford

Urban Element is a full-service branding agency near Oxford that can help you to create and develop your brand.

Our services will provide value, whether you're an established business or a new company. We have experience of brand development for a wide range of clients: from small Oxford-based companies to large multinational businesses.

Brand development tailored to the needs of your business

Our comprehensive branding package is tailored to your business. As a full-service agency we can combine brand development with design for print and web. This enbles you to apply your brand correctly and consistently across all your marketing materials.

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Our brand development process

We have developed a reliable process for brand and asset development. This guarantees that your new brand represents your business and appeals to your customers. Based on detailed consultancy, we'll create designs that capture the mood of your business and your industry.

4 simple steps to your new brand

  • A half day of consultancy to help us get to grips with your brand
  • Development of two or more design concepts that show different approaches
  • Presentation of the concepts for your feedback and iterations
  • Creation of final designs and all the associated assets
Branding Design

Half-day discovery meeting

Our brand work starts with a consultation meeting. This is a key stage in which we'll capture details of your business. This allows us to develop a detailed understanding of what you do, who your customers are and the personality of your business. This information is then fed into a brief. We'll use this brief to drive the designs for your brand, ensuring it meets the needs of your business and audiences.

Design concept development

Once we have a sense of your business, two of our senior designers will each develop a design concept. Starting with sketches, our expert designers will develop their ideas into full concept designs. These will take into account the nature of your business and your likes and dislikes.

Branding Design

Design concept presentation

Once complete, the design concepts will be presented to you for feedback. The designers will present the rationale for their interpretation of your brand. They will then discuss with you what you like and dislike about the concepts, taking detailed notes of your feedback.

Branding Design

Final designs

The design team will implement all of your feedback from the design concept presentation. From this they will develop a final design.

Once you are happy with this design, all the assets will be developed, such as business cards, letter heads, document templates and more. This allows you to apply your new brand to all your marketing materials.

Branding Design

What you'll get

  • Full digital files: You will receive all the digital files you need to implement your brand across all your assets. This includes vector graphics and white out versions that ensure your new logo can be used at any size and on any colour background. The vector graphics are editable, allowing you to make changes in the future if required.
  • Brand guidelines: We will provide you with comprehensive brand guidelines that explain how your brand should be used. This includes detailed instructions on how to use your logo properly. This ensures that your new brand is used appropriately and consistently. This document is ideal for sharing with your staff, printers and suppliers of marketing materials to help you get the most out of your new brand.
  • Brand implementation: Once complete, we can work with you to ensure that your brand is implemented effectively across all your assets. As a full-service brand agency we can make changes to your website, supply business cards and stationery, provide email signatures and other digital asssets such as Microsoft Office templates.

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