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The look and feel of your website is often the factor that will set your site apart from your competitors. Getting the design of your website just right is your chance to position yourself and make a first impression that converts visitors into customers.

But website design goes beyond the basics of cosmetics. It balances appearance, brand messaging, and functionality, with a clear and simple user experience to create a website that both fits in with the desired function and goals, and facilitates the audience needs.

Web Design Services

  • Bespoke website design
  • E-Commerce website design
  • Mobile responsive website solutions
  • CMS conversions
  • Re-branding

Understanding your Website Audience

Audience Persona Understanding your audience is the first step to designing a website that fits their needs. Our process involves a consultancy phase where we will learn about your business and understand your typical and ideal audience: who they are, and why they would be visiting the website.

This involves a profiling exercise where we will present different personas, what their personalities are like, and what they hope to achieve by visiting your website. By understanding this we can design the website with a focus the user’s needs and how to convert them into profit.

Modern Technology hosted on a Powerful Content Management Systems

We work with cutting edge content management systems (CMS) including Business Catalyst and Wordpress. Using these CMS allows our web design team the freedom to turn concepts into future proofed designs that our developers will then build. We will discuss your CMS requirements thoroughly during the consultancy period so that we can recommend the best solution and related costs. If you have a preferred content management system we will let you know if we have the internal expertise to integrate with the platform. We can’t be masters of all technologies but do have partners who can support with specific CMS platforms.

We have a history of creating bespoke and out of the box solutions for large e-Commerce websites. We also work with HTML 5 and CSS 3 to create mobile solutions, including mobile websites and fully mobile responsive websites.

Concept Designs

Air Tanker Vehicle Concepts In the design stage of our core business process, our creative design team will create two possible directions in which to take your website. Both of these designs will be influenced by user needs and the required functionality of the website. From this we will develop your chosen concept into a full set of website designs.

This chosen design can also be used to influence a range print works, ensuring that the full creative direction is transferred into all your companies marketing channels. We also offer a full branding service to modernise your company’s image. If you would like to find out more about our how we can help, please visit the branding page.

Ongoing support

Our web design team work within our small works and support and development services. As one of our clients, our Creative Design team will be ideally placed to work with you to offer proactive solutions that ensure your website evolves alongside your company, as well as providing day to day support.


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