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The Value of Consistent Branding to Your Business

20/02/2017 | Design | 2 minutes

Your brand is what makes you identifiable as a business. It gives your business a personality and can be the difference between winning or losing a sale. It’s a simple part of your business that’s very easy to get wrong. With so many aspects involved, it’s absolutely essential to have consistency across the board.

Why is a consistent brand so important?

Having brand consistency helps to cement your brand identity and make long-lasting impressions.

Your branding strategy

How our branding agency can help create consistency across all of your marketing channels

Branding needs to be about more than just what looks good. Your business should have a tone of voice that it aspires to in everything it does, and this should be reflected in your branding too.

Something that has more strategy behind it than you may think is colour choices. There’s a psychology behind colours that suggests certain colours have emotions associated with them. Blue, for example, is synonymous with intelligence, trust and loyalty. Whereas black is associated with mystery, elegance and power. It’s great to use this psychology in your branding.

Professional and consistent fonts

Fonts are another area of branding that needs to be consistent. Not only do they need to reflect your business’ professionalism but they can become just as memorable as a logo. If you’ve ever seen an advert from a big brand and recognised them from a type face alone, it’s because it’s been used consistently for a long time.

It’s so important to have brand consistency across all of your marketing channels. Having a logo that represents your business well, and developing a brand that is designed for your target audience, will help position you against your competitors. An important consideration is how your brand is reflected in the hands of third parties; make sure your quality is always reflected well, digitally and in print.

As a branding agency, we can work on existing brands or start from scratch. From straplines to logos and stationery designs, we have experience working on all aspects of branding. Our consultancy phase helps us to get to know your business and develop a brand that has had a collaborative input.

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