We launch a new website to reflect our vision for the future

Urban Element launches new website to reflect their vision for the future

05/05/2021 | Company | 3 minutes

Urban Element has been delivering digital marketing solutions since 2003. We have established ourselves in the market, built a solid client base, and expanded our operation to bring on board some of the best in the business. 

While they have always offered a broad range of digital marketing services, a few areas have begun to solidify and strengthen over the many years in business. That is social and SEO. 

Urban Element has undergone a new website launch to reflect the business’s vision and strengths, emphasising the specialisation in social media marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO), and web design

Beyond the new website, Urban Element is expanding to strengthen these key areas. Crucial new roles will include a Social Media Marketing Specialist, Digital PR Specialist, and a Digital Sales Executive.

Why the New Website Launch?

The new website launch is not only an opportunity to better reflect their services and specialisation to prospective clients, but these activities also allow them to remain in touch with these processes. As a result of this launch, the team has refined their web design process, been reminded of the significant task of gathering content, and have embraced the powerful and unique opportunity to showcase their marketing prowess to clients. Illustrating that they can also walk the walk.  

This process has allowed Urban Element to be more empathetic, understanding, and clear on their offering to clients. 

A Few Words From Our MD Natasha Ellard

“Covid has forced everyone to up their game, evolve or in some instances change their offering entirely. We’ve been very lucky in that we haven’t had to change our offering or evolve much at all, but what we are doing is upping our game! As a result, we are the fastest growing digital marketing agency in Oxfordshire, specialising in social media marketing, search engine marketing, and web design. 

“We help businesses in the UK and across the world make an impact with their social, digital, and web presence through our unique blend of digital expertise and commercial acumen.

“Acknowledgement must be given to those who have supported us to reach this point. Blank White Page has helped me to get to this point with my vision for the business. All of the team here at Urban Element have bought our website to fruition. Jon, my husband and Founder of Ellard Outloud, has been an amazing support. BEngaging have written the content, and Raw Pictures have assisted with filming to help with the launch.”

Urban Element is a social media marketing, SEO, and web design agency in Oxfordshire, working with Engineering, Manufacturing, Construction, and Education sectors, as well as others, to supercharge their engagement online.  

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