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Bringing a plumbing brand to the digital forefront through strategic social media marketing

TG Lynes is a long-serving distributor of materials for solutions in mechanical services, heating, plumbing and air movement. From Enfield TG Lynes runs their head office and distribution centre, supporting customers with a range of products, as well as plant hire facilities. 

While thriving in their sector, TG Lynes online presence needed to be brought into the 21st century. They were yet to digitise much of their marketing and needed to lean on some expertise to get there.

Becoming the plumbing distributor of the 21st century

Beginning our relationship with TG Lynes, we knew we had to look at a two-fold strategy to move them into the digital sphere. First, we needed to generate some quick wins. Putting your faith in digital power requires some proof, so we set about building their brand reach through social media marketing, particularly via LinkedIn, where we could target qualified leads that would be interested in TG Lynes products. 

In parallel, they are working on a longer-term digitisation strategy, which will transform their online site. More on that later.


To strengthen TG Lynes brand authority, boost product awareness, and to generate qualified interest through highly targeted LinkedIn advertising.

Starting from scratch

One of the challenges and blessings that come with a minimal digital footprint is that everything needs to be approached fresh. For us, this is exciting. We got to walk through digital marketing questionnaires, persona exercises and deep explorations into the goals behind TG Lynes and where they wanted to go. 

With the personas, we could then craft LinkedIn audience research and design a paid campaign to boost their brand awareness and lead their ideal customers straight to their site.

Powerful results from the beginning

Early on in the TG Lynes LinkedIn campaign, we saw fantastic traction, with the landing page clicks reaching 370 and brand visibility reaching around 150,000+ impressions. There were 80+ LinkedIn business page click-throughs, and TG Lynes grew their followers from 593 to 775.

Beyond the brand reach and engagement, TG Lynes generated £1700 in revenue from a previously inactive customer, as well as securing a brand new customer as a cash account. 

On their Uponor product, March cash sales were up 43 per cent from 2019 and 84 per cent from 2020.

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