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Building a trusted partnership to keep a high profile consulting firm in the lead

TJC Group works across various industries, providing businesses with consultancy services and SAP-certified software to support SAP data archiving and extraction for tax and audit. 

For more than two decades, they have consulted with some of the world biggest businesses. Their reputation has always been stellar, but it has not always been reflected in the brand. For this reason, TJC Group partnered with the team at Urban Element more than five years ago. 

Cementing a long-term relationship

The relationship between TJC Group and Urban Element began in 2016. At that time, TJC Group were aware that their brand and assets weren’t conveying the impression they wanted. They didn’t match the reputation they held for their services.

TJC needed a brand evolution, a consolidation of their websites into a new site, and an international SEO campaign. Already aware of what they wanted, TJC put the brief out to tender where agencies across the UK and Europe could submit their pitch.

From a shortlist of 10, then down to four, Urban Element pitched to TJC Group directors from France and Germany, capturing their attention and winning against tough international competition.


To strengthen TJC Group's brand visibility, authority and presence. How? Through dynamic digital marketing consultations and multi-pronged Social Media Marketing campaigns focused on increasing event attendance and service awareness.

TJC Group Print Assets

Building a brand worthy of the business

The immediate focus was a brand refresh, taking the brand that had served them for more than a decade and boosting it with a modern spin to accurately reflect how they’ve grown and will continue to move forward. We developed full guidelines for use online and offline. We built a new website and developed a full suite of document templates, print materials and exhibition collateral using this brand.

Although the new site was a central priority, it was understood that this new site had to generate new leads. The sale process for TJC Group is long. They needed digital support, through search engine optimisation (SEO), to help develop and nurture leads over the lengthy sales cycle.

Multilingual website for TJC: Image of three languages together

Overcoming international challenges

Working with an international organisation, such as TJC Group, comes with some language and cultural challenges. Not only did our team have to be mindful of cultural difference dealing with a French company, but we needed to be aware of how to translate their services across their international, multi-language client base. 

In practice, this meant consolidating multiple sites into one, with the entire site able to be accessed in either English, French or German. By consolidating into one site and enabling multiple languages, we could boost traffic and ranking, which would boost inquiries. 

On the new site, we applied an international SEO campaign to attract customers from each target country in their own language.

Social Media Assest for TJC Group campaigns

Pioneering social media marketing

As the business brand reached new heights and the market shifted, social media played an increasing role in their customer engagement and acquisition strategy. 

We have helped craft social content for many on-location events (pre-COVID) and helped them take their events online (during COVID), resulting in attendance improvements and event awareness. 

Right now, we are assisting the Head of Marketing with a LinkedIn campaign focused on gaining event sign-ups. So far, we have seen a 0.40% increase in click-through rate, 11 conversions, and a reach of 100,000. While it is still early days, we are tracking strongly against our objectives to generate sign-ups and increase brand presence. 

Through our LinkedIn Marketing Training and consultation, we are not only working to help them boost attendance numbers, but we’re also partnering with them to empower their team with the skills to drive their own social media strategy, super powering the efforts across the board.  

Example of the many Brand Assets created for TJC Group

Trusted partners for the long-term

Since that project, five years ago, TJC Group and Urban Element’s relationships have gone from strength to strength. We have become a partner to the organisation. 

The team at Urban Element has helped steer TJC’s Digital Strategy, achieving improved brand visibility, authority, and trust, leading to excellent ROI results. Every year that we have worked with TJC Group, their traffic and SERP’s have increased by at least 15%, bar 2020, as a result of the pandemic. 

So far, we have supported TJC Group through strategy, branding, web design, search marketing, social media marketing and hands-on training that empowers their staff to reach their goals. We look forward to much more in the future.


Urban Element has done a tremendous job to create TJC Group an outstanding professional and consistent image from a branding point of view. They have also delivered in terms of SEO by improving TJC Group rankings in the UK. Urban Element has supported us in the strategising, building, and management of multiple LinkedIn campaigns and organic social media support for upcoming events. The provision of digital and social media marketing training and guidance has also been extremely beneficial.

Laura PARRÍ ROYO Group Marketing Manager
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