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Turbo-charging Zircotec’s Google Ads campaigns into a lead generation machine

Zircotec is a specialist in heat management, plasma-spray processing and the production of high-performance surface coatings and finishes. Offering expert advice and products to clients in motorsport, general automotive, nuclear, aerospace and defence industries, Zircotec solves heat management and surface engineering issues.

Among those in the know, Zircotec and its sister company, Performance 1 Coatings, are highly regarded. Client retention was a strength, but client acquisition just that little more challenging. Internally, they worked on Google Ads campaigns for both brands, but they knew they had what it takes to do better. They simply needed a helping hand to get there.

Stepping in to support

Reaching out to Urban Element, Zircotec expressed their situation: they needed help fixing, restructuring and optimising their Google Ads campaigns to get clearer on their goals and produce better results. 

Google Ads was to be a significant marketing spend and lead generation tool for the brand. They just needed help to get it properly established. They also needed a customised coaching solution to bring their marketing specialist up to speed to ensure internal PPC efforts would keep a strategic focus long after we had come in to help. 

In addition to the Zircotec brand, Performance 1 Coatings needed the same solution.


Fix, restructure and optimise current Google Ads campaigns for both Zircotec and Performance 1 Coatings, supercharging them for success. All the while detailing each step and constructing training materials to develop their internal PPC capacity.

Knocking them down

Through weekly catch up calls with Zircotec’s marketing specialist, we dove into their strategic goals, understood their current revenue and what they wanted to achieve. 

Both Zircotec and Performance 1 Coatings had questions about their PPC efforts. Conversions were not quite aligning with their internal records. Their strategy needed a little fine tuning, and the account structure needed reorganising. It was in need of some correction before it could be optimised.

Our first order of business was to fix the historical tracking data that was responsible for inflating and skewing previous conversion and revenue metrics. Once done, we discovered that Zircotec’s spend was rising significantly higher than the revenue they were making on PPC. 

With a clear view of their real results, we went on to review, restructure and optimise their Google Ads campaigns. We optimised ad group keyword pools, optimised ads, optimised ad extensions, and carried out expansive keyword research. We then got to work on refining each of their campaigns to maximise ad spend, reduce spend wastage and increase qualified conversions.

Bringing their people on board

Throughout the entire process, we worked closely with the marketing specialist responsible for Zircotec and Performance 1 Coatings to show them how we approached these tasks, fixed problems and optimised the campaigns. 

This consulting, support and training allowed their marketing specialist to champion their Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign internally, fully equipped with the knowledge to track their results, keep performance high and maintain a clear focus on their desired outcomes.

The future is bright

Since our initial work, Zircotec and Performance 1 Coatings have seen continued success from their PPC campaigns. We continue to work in collaboration with them, making big strides to improve conversion and click-through rates whilst ensuring we get the best bang for their buck.

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