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A brand worthy of an established global consultancy firm

With 20 years of consulting for some of the world's biggest businesses behind them, TJC Group were already a big name in their field. But, their existing brand and assets weren't conveying the impression that they wanted. We worked with them to refresh their brand and developed full guidelines for consistent usage online and off, in addition to a new website. We have since developed a full suite of document templates, print materials and exhibition collateral using this brand.

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A new brand capturing 20 years of heritage

While they recognised that their brand wasn't representing them at their best, TJC Group were reluctant to sever all ties to the past. With 20 successful years behind them, they asked us to come up with a thoroughly modern spin on their established logo.

To deliver, we took into account their business, the meaning behind the logo and their industry. Through a discovery session we learnt more about them and the personality behind their business. Working through a number of different concepts we presented the TJC team with 3 options. The options varied from a refresh to a complete reimagining of the existing brand. TJC Group picked their preferred concept for us to take forwards.

A full set of brand assets for easy, consistent use

Once TJC Group had selected a brand concept, we developed it into a full suite of brand assets. Starting with their brand guidelines, we detailed how the brand could and should be used across web, print and other media. From here we created stationery, such as business cards and product brochures. To help TJC keep these up to date, we provided editable templates and training on how to use them.

The website design and visuals played a big part in defining the style of TJC's assets. As a provider of database software and consultancy, it was difficult to find relevant imagery. To resolve this we developed a suite of custom, high resolution images that captured the global nature of TJC's business and their focus on data.

From digital to print: consistency is key

Our relationship with TJC Group has continued long after their website went live. Our expert design team have worked on a wide range of applications of the new TJC branding. The clearly defined brand guidelines and established visual language have made it easy to adapt and extend their brand consistently across different media.

Exhibitions are a key part of TJC Group's business. They provide the team with an opportunity to meet new clients and network with key people in their industry. We have developed a number of different exhibition stands that showcase TJC Group's brand and stand out in the crowded exhibition halls.