How Natural SEO Is Changing Our Approach

A lot of website owners and marketers unintentionally approach SEO in a way that gets them penalised by Google. The result of their efforts often being over optimisation of pages and content stuffed full of keywords.

We’ve changed our approach and focused in on the idea of natural SEO. Natural SEO is all about increasing your rankings by providing your users with valuable, relevant and informative content. Our emphasis is on making sure that websites and content are correctly targeted for our clients’ ideal audiences.

Natural or organic SEO has never been more important. With the roll out of Google’s Panda algorithm, sites classified as being low quality, whether that’s content, design or SEO, are getting penalties. Instead, sites recognised as being valuable with relevant content and good usability are more likely to be ranked well.

Natural SEO is long lasting

The alternative to organic SEO, paid search, can provide huge value to companies but only for as long as they’re paying. Improving your rankings organically by providing quality content allows you to maintain visitors and rankings for as long as it’s still relevant. Natural SEO stands the test of time and will continue to bring you a return on investment.

User focused content

Providing value to the user is the number one priority in natural SEO. Making sure that the user is getting everything they need from a specific landing page is going to increase your chances of being ranked higher and also makes conversions more likely.

Semantic search

Getting a keyword into your content enough times without being repetitive and disengaging can be a struggle. Since the introduction of Google’s Hummingbird algorithm is 2013 search recognises words with similar meanings and therefore content can be more diverse and of higher quality. This helps make content more readable and further increases the value of your website.


Another increasingly prominent ranking factor is the usability of websites. High bounce rates, 404 pages and site speeds are just three factors that can get you penalised by Google. Quality websites that want to rank well need to prove that they’re not ‘spammy’ and provide the user with an enjoyable journey.

Find out more about user experience.

If you’re looking to change your approach to SEO and could do with some help, then please get in touch. We’d be happy to have an informal chat and let you know more about how our digital marketing team get results from natural SEO.


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