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How Digital Marketing Helps New Websites Get a Return on Investment

When we create websites for our clients we work hard to make something that accurately represents them as a business. Our UX design team is always involved, making sure the sites are easy to use and guide users through to the all-important calls to actions.

This works well for established businesses, but for new businesses and those looking to grow their audience, they need more. That’s where digital marketing comes in. We know word of mouth can only reach so far when it comes to a new business venture. Using digital marketing can help bring in clients that would not have otherwise found you. In a variety of forms and channels, digital marketing can help your online business grow.

The key being to achieve high search engine rankings for your targeted keywords. In our digital marketing process, we research and discover the right keywords for your target audience and optimise your site accordingly.

As a web design agency it’s important for us to achieve a return on investment from your website alone. But going the extra mile with digital marketing can help your audience grow at a much higher rate.

Once we've achieved the high search engine rankings there's a number of things that can help encourage conversions. Good content, usability and page load times are just three contributing factors, all of which we consider.

Content marketing

Content is a really important aspect in both web design and digital marketing. Having good content on your site is an essential part in encouraging conversions. Also, using effecting content in all your SEO efforts can increase your rankings, and help engage with potential clients.

Digital marketing and SEO in general is constantly evolving with the increase in technology and also Google's algorithm updates. Ensuring that your website is performing well, bringing in new customers and converting is our primary focus.

If there's anything you think we can help you with as a web design and digital marketing agency, then please get in touch.


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