How We Use Data to Make Incremental UX Design Changes

At some point we’ve probably all been left frustrated knowing that our websites are receiving visitors but failing to make conversions; you may be seeing a higher bounce rate than you would like. Through UX (user experience) design our aim is to improve the accessibility and interaction of your website. The end goal being your customers’ satisfaction and repeat business because they’ve found your site easy to use and have had a pleasurable experience.

As a part of our support and development service at Urban Element we add monitoring tools to your website to track user behaviours. With this information we can make improvements to underperforming pages and improve your customer’s journey.

One of the tools that we’re using at the moment is Hotjar. It’s a great usability tool that allows us to view heat maps of how users use a site. It also enables us to set up funnels to find out the biggest barriers to conversions and discover opportunities to improve the flow for your visitors. In addition to Hotjar, we use Google Analytics to help us to identify where visitors are dropping off your site.

How we’ve used UX design with our clients

We always align any UX work with our clients’ goals. We want to make sure that their website easily guides the user through to their desired calls to action, without any difficulties.

Indigenous came to us early this year and wanted to revisit their website’s goals. They had found that conversions were much higher when a customer had previously requested a brochure from their site and therefore wanted to add this as their website’s primary goal. We used Hotjar to identify how users were interacting with the content on the site and established appropriate places to add brochure request call to actions.

Since carrying out the UX design work, Indigenous have seen a sharp increase in brochure requests.

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If you have a site that’s failing to convert, we can help build customer loyalty by making your website enjoyable and easy to use. We have various different support and development packages available so please get in touch to discuss your specific needs and goals.


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