Types of Email Marketing Campaigns: 7 Ways to Engage with your Customers

Email marketing campaigns are one of the most effective and targeted ways of reaching your audience. When conducted properly, they can be one of the most powerful tools in your marketing mix.

The power of email marketing campaigns is in their flexibility. By segregating your audience into specific lists, and by modifying the content, you can create compelling campaigns that target individuals or whole groups of people. This can increase engagement, ROI and help readers fall in love with your content and your brand.

What we can offer at Urban Element is a dedicated email system that allows you to split test content and subject lines, create mobile responsive emails and view detailed reports after your email has been sent.

We have compiled a list of 7 effective campaigns to get you started:

1) Welcome emails

The best digital marketers know that even online, a human touch is essential to create and maintain relationships with customers.

Welcome emails are the first step in creating this relationship. They allow you to introduce your company and your marketing channels in a personal and entertaining way.

2) Educational campaigns

Educational campaigns inform the reader about a service, product, event or industry news. This makes it a versatile campaign type that can be used to promote wider marketing materials such as blogs, social media articles, or relevant products/services. However, it is important to remember that the purpose of the campaign should be to inform rather than to sell, meaning that you can promote various areas of your business at the same time.

Tip: Educational emails have a higher engagement rate when sent in the afternoon

newsletter screenshot

3) Promotion and events emails

Whilst educational email campaigns inform about a wide range of topics, promotional emails tell the reader about specific events, sales or offers. Because of these, the content should be geared towards conversions, meaning that you should be brief and clear in what you are saying.

4) Competition

Competitions are a good way to get people to engage with your brand. They can be entertaining and, if done correctly, encourage people to think about who you are and what you can offer. They can also create a positive buzz and encourage hype around your brand. Email marketing can be used to run a competition directly, or to promote a competition held on a separate platform.

5) Survey emails

Email marketing doesn’t have to be a one-way relationship. By sending out polls or questionnaires you can gather vital information about how the readers feel about your brand and the wider industry, and also find out whether your marketing is resonating with them. This not only gives you an insight into how the reader is interacting with you, but also tells them that you care about their opinion.

6) Thank you emails

This is an automatic email of thanks sent to a user after they have completed an action on your website, such as a sign up, or payment. A study from HubSpot found such emails are twice as likely to be opened and generate over double the click through rate.

7) Re-engagement campaigns

Re-engagement emails marketing campaigns can help you to recapture customers that have been inactive for a long period of time. Running this type of campaign should bring them back on board and encourage them to engage with you.

Targeting emails to your existing clients

It’s 7 times easier to gain new business from an existing customer than it is to attract new customers. By targeting current and recent customers you are more likely to see results faster. Targeting current clients with offers will also increase brand loyalty.

Learn how email can amplify your marketing

Emails are one of the most effective ways to reach your clients and customers. Either to promote an event, tell them about a service, or just let them know you care.

We have achieved significant results for our clients through the email marketing strategies described above. If you are interested in learning how to incorporate email into your marketing plans, then please do get in touch.


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