Bowman Bearings work on iPad

A class-leading digital presence for an established engineering firm

With 40 years of heritage behind them, Bowman International are one of the UK's leading bearing manufacturers and suppliers. With a growing international presence and big ambitions, they came to us needing a website worthy of their status in the market. Our custom website design and bespoke development gave them a platform to grow further and achieve their business goals.

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Understanding their needs through expert consultancy

This project was central to Bowman's future plans, so the site needed to deliver as soon as it launched. Our expert team got involved in consultancy from the beginning to ensure the scope of the project covered everything Bowman needed. With input across design, content, technical and UX, we were able to get a deep understanding of Bowman's needs.

With this in hand, we defined an approach that would work for them. We knew from early on that they would need extensive custom development to meet their goals. Future integrations with stock control systems were also a possibility, making a flexible and customisable CMS essential. We chose Orchard, an open source, .NET based content management system. That gave us the flexibility to develop the functionality Bowman needed for launch and in the future.

Bespoke functionality to make their website shine

Bowman's huge product range and deep understanding of their applications is a key asset of their business. To communicate this effectively to their audiences, we developed an interactive bearing calculator. This draws from their product database and allows customers to filter on a range of attributes. The bearing selector helps increase product awareness, highlighting different ranges to existing customers. This helps Bowman to sell more products from outside their core ranges.

Built to be extendable

Expansion into Europe and beyond was one of Bowman's core short to medium term goals. The first phase of this was a full German language version of the site. With this in mind, we developed the site to manage multiple language versions. This made the process of translating the site into German much more straightforward and allows localisations for other languages to be added in future.