MH Suspension


After being in business for 25 years+, MH Suspension’s Managing Director Mark Hammond has built a vast wealth of knowledge in motorcycle suspension industry. This has allowed Mark to service, rebuild and become intimately familiar with all makes of suspension from road, race, off road and quad machines.

Being one of the main agents for Ohlins and WP, MH Suspension was solely responsible for handling the Ohlins Off Road sector from 2005-2009. Following a restructure, MH Suspension is now one of a handful of Ohlins Official Service Centres in the UK. This, in turn, has enabled Mark to offer the very latest products and services to his frequent and loyal customer base.

Urban Element are proud to have worked with Mark for many years, during which we’ve delivered marketing and a new website that in the first month alone, saw the following improvements:






From humble beginnings

Having inherited MH Suspension’s website with a poor SEO footprint, static non ranking content and no authority - we felt that the current site was a poor reflection of MH Suspension’s online and offline reputation.

Mark’s primary goal was to find an agency that could help increase MH Suspension’s online profile whilst he focussed on running the business from day to day. Initially we set out raising more awareness by creating new and informative blog posts for his audience to engage with on a monthly basis.

After spending some time producing blog articles, we soon realised that more needed to be done in order to obtain the high levels of engagement Mark required. This was the moment we decided to give social media more of a focus (more on this later).

With the blog articles starting to gain traction and with MH Suspension’s social media growing at a quick rate, we identified a great opportunity to capitalise on this additional traffic and grow the business further by improving the online shopping element of MH Suspension’s website. The overall design, user interface and functionality was dated, not practical and essentially not fit for purpose.


To leverage MH Suspension’s website and social media platforms in order to reach out to a new untapped audience.

Out with the old, and in with the new

Having identified MH Suspensions’ needs and objectives during a consultancy meeting with our Digital Marketing and Web Development team, the priority focuses for the new website were:

  • Transforming a near 0% eCommerce conversion rate into one above the sector average.
  • Website vis (big one)
  • Growth primarily driven by new customers, so introducing the site to non brand aware consumers was priority

After getting more detail from Mark, we soon realised that our fast track website package best suited MH Suspension’s goals and requirements.

With the current website missing standard core functionality most users would come to expect from a fully fledged eCommerce website. Mark was eager to have his website rebuilt from the ground up to help give his website a new look and feel that would provide support from an online sales and brand awareness perspective.

We understood that Mark’s main focus was to work hard and run his business on the ground and to let the digital side of the business take care of itself - this was why we were eager to build and design a website could match his successful ethics from an online perspective.

When breaking down MH Suspension’s needs and requirements, we identified that the business had two main arms; 1: expert mechanical expertise, and 2: product sales to new and frequently visiting customers.

With Mark running his business full time, we understood that his time was valuable, which is why we contacted his suppliers directly and fully translated their technical product spreadsheet into a fully functioning eCommerce shop.

The data transformation and optimisation we carried out allowed us to seamlessly integrate MH Suspension’s products online, helping to give the new and improved front end a more reflective look and feel.

Creating and nurturing online advocacy

With the website now live, we wanted to maintain and increase MH Suspension’s momentum by creating an informative and entertaining social media presence, designed to help engage with warm and cold customers. We started by setting up, branding and optimising a professional business page on both Facebook and Twitter.

The social media goals were simple for Mark, to help get the MH Suspension brand out to as many people as possible, and to improve online sales and enquiries.

It was important for us to attract users that were relevant, engaged and active to ensure his social platforms flourished.

Thinking long term, not just short term.

Having worked with Mark over the past 5+ years, we were very confident in being able to achieve such a community as we felt as though we knew his audience very well.

Social Media

With that in mind, our Social Media Specialist began working on a strategy with Mark, consisting of workshop updates, blog articles, news articles and entertainment such as videos, memes and question polls.

Within just a matter of months, Mark was already beginning to see results in followers, page likes, engagement and online enquiries. These results have only continued to increase in momentum since the launch of his brand new website and continue to grow to this day, in fact we see product enquiries come through on Facebook daily.