Supporting a new website launch with expert consultancy and strategic advice

When they first came to us, Oxford Plastics were already well into a website redevelopment project. Having become aware of our expertise they were keen to bring us on board to validate their existing web project. Our consultancy process helped to direct their web project, supporting their business goals more directly and making it easier to measure success.

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From website refresh
to strategic redevelopment

Oxford Plastics' website project had begun as a simple refresh. With the engagement of a new, full time marketing manager they felt that it was worth taking a more strategic approach.

We took Oxford Plastics through our trusted consultancy process. This helped to establish how their digital strategy could complement their overall business strategy. We helped them with goal setting for the new site, establishing achievable, measurable targets that would help them gauge success.

Taking the time to understand their business

Through our discovery meetings we spoke with staff from key business areas. This helped us to understand how they work, the company's ambitions and who their key audiences are. We used this knowledge to check and evaluate all of our recommendations.

Keyword research and SEO strategy was a key part of this project. Having a deep understanding of the business was crucial to this – helping us to target the right products at the right people.

Comprehensive audits and detailed recommendations

Our consultation provides real actionable outputs. For Oxford Plastics this meant a series of detailed audits. Using the information we had gathered during the discovery phase we audited their development site. We assessed key areas of the site against their business objectives, feeding back on what worked well and where improvements could be made.

Our audits reviewed the SEO and content of the site in detail. This helped Oxford Plastics to make informed decisions and changes that would improve the performance of their site from day 1 of launch.