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Helping a new business get off to a flying start

Viavi:be might be the new kids on the block in the health and fitness market, but their team includes industry experts with years of experience. They knew that the way to boost registrations for their new Oxford-based health gym was to focus on a big impact campaign over Christmas and the new year. Having heard our reputation for social media and digital marketing, they turned to us to make it happen. Combining paid search and social media advertising, we increased traffic to their site by nearly 3000%.

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Getting to grips with their brand

Having had plenty of experience in marketing gyms and fitness, Viavi:be came to us with audience research and brand guidelines in place. With these resources and meetings with key members of the team we were able to quickly get to grips with their brand and target demographics.

Using this knowledge we put together a comprehensive campaign across Google Adwords and Facebook. We knew that these channels would have the best reach with the target age groups, providing the best value for their spend.

We understood that gym membership is very localised, with customers unlikely to travel more than 15 minutes from home or work. To account for this we targeted the ads to a specific geographic area, improving their relevance and ensuring a high conversion rate.

Using data to optimise outcomes

In its first week the campaign saw really positive results, with a huge increase in visits to the Viavi:be site. By reviewing the data from the initial campaign we were able to identify what worked best and how we could improve.

Using these insights we made slight changes to the approach for the subsequent weeks, tweaking the ads to deliver the best outcomes for our client. By the end of the campaign Viavi:be were seeing over 1500 pageviews per day on their site – up from 50 per day beforehand. This increase of 2900% over the course of the campaign has led to a huge increase in brand awareness.

Developing an ongoing relationship

Based on our success in the initial campaign, Viavi:be were happy to extend their digital marketing contract with an increased monthly budget. Because of the seasonal nature of gym memberships, our approach will evolve over time to ensure we're always delivering the best returns for their spend.

The increased traffic to the site also helped to identify improvements to their online sales funnel. To take advantage of this increase in traffic our digital marketing and development teams will work with them to optimise their conversion rate. Our use of industry standard analytics and heatmapping tools provides valuable data to help inform and test changes to their site.